The New Biography of Jesus

A feature length film based on the new biography of Jesus in The Urantia Book

Efforts to understand Jesus apart from the mythological elements of the Christian story have been ongoing for more than two hundred years.  From detailed analyses of the political and economic context in which he lived to forays into obscure combinations of Biblical passages, a satisfactory understanding has yet to emerge. 


Re-Imagining Jesus

graphic only  The classic New Testament story illuminated with detail from The Urantia Book's biography of Jesus


graphic only  Beautiful footage of seldom seen places associated with some of the most important events in the Master's life


graphic only  Detailed maps providing important geographic orientation


graphic only  Timeline of events between the baptism in the Jordan and the resurrection


graphic only  A compelling story about his primary mission -- the revelation of a spiritual kingdom accessible here and now


One reviewer referred to Re-Imagining Jesus as, "The most compelling introduction to The Urantia Book yet created."


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